Two Thumbs Up!
by Julie Ross
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I am tickled pink to announce Robin McGann as the winner of June’s Idiom Challenge.

To refresh your memory of this contest, readers were challenged to use as many idioms as they could in a paragraph of 100 words or fewer on a topic of their choice. Robin’s entry tells a brief yet gripping account of one man’s thwarted attempt at climbing the corporate ladder:

Derek had a dead-end job. His life was a train wreck, not all peaches and cream. Wifey had a bun in the oven, his kid wasn’t playing with a full deck, but if he got that raise everything would be right as rain. He wanted his shot at glory, but knew the Head Honcho thought he was a number-crunching bean counter. He had to get out of this rat race. Then he noticed out of the corner of his eye the Big Kahuna led away in handcuffs. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles,” he sighed.

Robin lives in Martinez and works as an equities trader at a money management firm. She is a cyclist, and loves dancing and sewing costumes (historical or otherwise - which she claims is an acceptable way of saying she plays dress-up).

Robin informed me she was pleased as punch to win the challenge. She was awarded four passes to Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the perfect way to spend a hot summer day enjoying the animals and daily programs in air-conditioned comfort. Congratulations to the creative and multi-talented Robin McGann!

I would also like to acknowledge two honorable mentions. The first goes to Martinez student Claire Jensen for her wonderful idiom-filled tale about pulling off a successful surprise birthday party – no one let the cat out of the bag!

The second honorable mention goes to Janie Mori, also of Martinez, for her story of a kitchen-painting job that just couldn’t get off the ground. Evidently the paint store had every color under the sun and Janie just couldn’t make up her mind. She realized she had bitten off more than she could chew with this project and went home empty-handed. Alas.

Two thumbs up to everyone who participated! I hope to hear more from all of you in the future. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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