June Real Estate Update
by Nathan Hitchcock
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As I write this, my eight­-year-­old daughter’s softball team just finished second in its end of season playoff series, narrowly losing the championship game by a single run. Despite coming up one win short of the whole enchilada, I could not have been more proud as I watched them line up on the field holding gleaming trophies over their heads, their little faces barely able to contain elated smiles. I know, I know, this is a real estate column, not a sports column. So why the heck are we talking softball?

I confess. It’s in part so that I can publicly praise my daughter, her coaches (one of whom I am honored and blessed to call my wife), and her amazing teammates for their wonderful accomplishments. But it’s also because the team’s journey this season holds an important lesson for anyone who is currently facing the daunting task of buying a home in our local real estate market.

You see, the team’s season did not start out nearly as rosy as it finished. About half of the team had never so much as picked up a softball bat before and couldn’t tell you the difference between first base and the pitcher’s mound. Additionally, three of the four coaches had never coached before, and the one who had was not in charge. The result, not surprisingly, was two lopsided losses to start the season.

I suspect more than a few recent home buyers out there can relate to how the girls felt. Anyone who is or was in the hunt for a home this year more than likely has written several if not a dozen or more offers on homes, only to receive the dreaded “I’m sorry, but the sellers have chosen to go with another offer” call from their Realtor in response. Anger, frustration, hopelessness, fear, dread, and worse are all but inevitable feelings.

So what guidance can these downtrodden buyers draw from my daughter’s softball team? With a positive mindset, an enthusiastic attitude, and a dogged persistence, anything is possible. Rather than employing the traditional technique of berating the girls to watch the ball, bend their knees, and hustle, the coaching staff chose instead to cheer the girls on, celebrating every tiny accomplishment they could find. The girls responded amazingly, ultimately becoming one of the powerhouses in their division. More importantly, they had fun and supported each other along their journey together.

In my entire real estate career, I have never had a client tell me as I handed them the keys to their new home that they wished they had bought “that other house.” Call it God’s will, fate, luck, or wherever else your beliefs lie, but without exception, every one of them felt in hindsight that it was meant to work out the way it did. The bumps in the road were simply experiences that better helped them realize what they truly wanted in their next home.

So keep your chin up and a smile on your face and enjoy the journey. I promise you your next home is waiting for you out there somewhere.

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