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Bark For Life on Aug. 2 - Register Now
Jul 21, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend
Woof’s happening? Dog of all sizes and breeds are invited to “take a bite out of cancer” at the fourth annual Bark For Life of Pleasant Hill. This cancer-fighting fundraiser will be held from 9 a.m...

Pleasant Hill's Blues & Brews
On Saturday, July 19 crowds of people came to enjoy the 5th Annual Blues and Brews Festival. It was a day of craft beer tasting, beach ball dodging, delicious food and free music, including Caroomp...
Jul 19, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 1 1 recommendations | email to a friend
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Free Campfire Program at John Muir National Historic Site
Join the National Park Service for a free campfire program on Saturday, July 26  at John Muir National Historic Site (NHS) in Martinez. The program begins at 7 p.m. and lasts roughly 1.5 hours. Ran...
Jul 18, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend
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Pleasant Hill Rec & Park's Derby Day- 7/25
On July 25 from 1:30-3:30pm, test your engineering skills and design a boat out of cardboard, recyclables and duct tape. All boats will compete in races across the pool. Wear your swimsuit and prep...
Jul 13, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 1 1 recommendations | email to a friend
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San Francisco prosecutors say the crimes allegedly committed by 35 year-old Jeffrey Bugai began in November, 2008 at the El Trebor bar in the city's Mission District. Investigators said the San Francisco security guard allegedly kidnapped two Central American men while impersonating a police officer.

He was arrested July 10th and now faces felony charges including kidnapping with the intent to commit sexual assaults and is being held in San Francisco County Jail #2 on a $2.1 million bond.

"It's a very serious charge. It actually has a life sentence attached to it," said San Francisco County District Attorney's Office spokesman Alex Bastian. "This is a nightmare scenario if I've ever heard of one. You have a person who's purporting to be a law enforcement officer and he's kidnapping people, allegedly."

Bugai declined interview requests Monday and Tuesday but people who know him are stepping forward with stories of bitter legal fights and allegations of harassment.

Bugai's landlord describes him as a pathological liar. He spoke to KTVU Tuesday on the condition we not show his face or share his name.

Legal documents obtained by KTVU detail a two year-old battle over rent, repairs and alleged racism. "Put an ad out for a room for rent and you never know what you're going to get," said the landlord. "My wife's Latin-American. He sent an email saying that he condoned killing all illegal aliens. He would harass all the other tenants, like verbally."

KTVU obtained four separate requests for restraining orders filed by Bugai between October, 2007 and April, 2014. In one, he alleges homophobic slurs from a roommate in his Bayview District apartment building. At least one person has filed a restraining order against him as well. A longtime neighborhood resident described Bugai as "irrational" and said he constantly picked fights with people on the street.

The documents detail Bugai's allegations that roommates and his landlord threatened him with violence. Bugai last year filed a complaint with San Francisco's Human Rights Commission alleging his landlord harassed him based on his HIV status. The Commission ruled against Bugai in December.

The San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board on Wednesday is set to hear Bugai's complaints against his landlord, who hopes the allegations will be dismissed.

"At one point, he wouldn't pay his rent and he told me he was gonna arrest me and I asked him 'How could you arrest me- you're not even a police officer,'" said Bugai's landlord. "We were in the process of evicting him and now he's in jail. So obviously, hopefully, he's not coming back and we'll get resolution from that."

Court documents obtained by KTVU from two Michigan cities show Bugai was prosecuted in 1998 for misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct involving coercion and in 1999 for impersonating a health care professional. A 1997 post on by a Jeffrey Bugai says he worked for the San Francisco Housing Authority and the San Francisco Police Patrol Special. Both told KTVU Monday they had no record of his hiring.

Bugai is being represented by the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. In a statement Tuesday, Deputy Public Defender Phoenix Streets said, "It is time we step back and gain some perspective in this case. The sex charge against Mr. Bugai is based on a single accusation with no corroborating evidence. At present, the vast majority of evidence I have received from the district attorney's office appears to be focused on Mr. Bugai's personality rather than the crime for which he's being charged. This leads me to believe that law enforcement is more concerned with character assassination than a search for the truth."

2014-07-22 20:00:57 -0700

A new scam is targeting people looking to get a little rest and relaxation, and also a good deal.

Vacation Rentals are all over the internet but consumers should be wary of scam artists looking to cash in on unsuspecting consumers.   

Janna Weir has been renting out homes in the wine country for more than ten years.

Weir told KTVU her homes, “are advertised all over the internet VRBO, Homeaway, Craigslist, and I have my own website.”

But Weir says apparently she’s not the only one trying to rent out her properties, scammers are trying to do it too.    Two weeks ago, a family from the central coast showed up at the gates to one of her properties and met with her property manager.   He knew the home hadn’t been rented but Weir says, “they presented a rental agreement and he said I'm sorry you've been scammed, the home isn't rented and they had wired money to the Philippines.”

Last year, victims of another scammer actually ended up inside her rental home.  In that case Weir says the home was actually already rented out. 

“The unauthorized renters were actually in the home unpacking when the authorized renters arrived and that created a scene,” she said.

The problem has been  seen across the nation especially during the busy summer vacation season.   The Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s office actually has someone who specifically looks for scams.  Robin Gysin told a local television station that scammers can hide the victim’s money quickly.   

“Even if you think you’re sending your money to Sacramento, the crooks can call the wire transfer service and switch it to Ivory Coast or some other place they happen to be located,” Gysin said.

And once the money is gone it can be hard to get back.

Rental owners are trying to fight back.   KTVU talked to one woman in San Francisco who put up a scam alert post on Craigslist.  She says unsuspecting victims have also shown up on her doorstep believing they had already paid to rent her home. 

Janna Weir says she posts strong warnings on all her listings, warning potential scammers that she will pursue prosecution and arrests.   She has also now fenced her properties and uses lock boxes with codes only she provides.    Weir also says she tells victims to be wary.   One of the families who showed up at her six bedroom wine country property told her they thought they got a great deal.

“Our house rents at 6600 a week and they only paid a thousand,” she said.   

She says she reminded them if it looks to be good true, it probably is.

2014-07-22 19:30:16 -0700

The California Highway Patrol says its reviewing evidence against the driver of a Corvette involved in an Oakland freeway crash since a passenger in the car has died.

25-year-old Nicholas Obenchain of Alameda was pronounced dead Monday following the 3 am crash Friday on eastbound Interstate 580 at the Park Avenue exit.

The driver, 23-year-old Corey McDonah of San Leandro, was already on probation for reckless driving after he was caught on CHP aerial surveillance last April doing wheelies on the same freeway at speeds up to 120 miles per hour.

CHP officer Sean Wilkenfeld told KTVU the Corvette hit a light post near the exit and overturned. Neither man was wearing a seatbelt.

"It struck a curb, struck a light pole and overturned and came to rest where we found it," said Wilkenfeld.

The silver Corvette is a mangled mess and is being held as evidence by the CHP.

McDonah was given a field sobriety test at the scene and taken to the hospital for his injuries. 

He is already facing felony DUI charges from the crash but since his passenger was killed the CHP says the charges will become even more serious.

"We're looking at some sort of manslaughter charge at least," said Wilkenfeld.

He told KTVU it will be up to the District Attorney to determine if even more serious charges could be filed, including murder.

McDonah pleaded guilty to the reckless driving charge involving the motorcycle last May but seemed unfazed when he was asked by KTVU if he had learned any lessons after being spotted by CHP aircraft.

"Ride in the fog 'cuz planes don't see very well in the fog," he said at the time.

Officer Wilkenfeld wasn't amused.

"Statements like that are troubling to us," he told KTVU.

Marko Cruz of Alameda also owns a Corvette. He said while he never met Obenchair he had friends who knew him.

"Every Corvette's fiberglass. That's why they call them flexi flyers," he said.

Cruz said drivers of high performance vehicles need to understand they can become deadly if they're misused.

"You don't respect the car it will get the best of you," he said.

That's a lesson that was apparently lost on Mcdonah.

"He was charged in April with reckless driving," said Officer Wilkenfeld. "The goal of that was to try to change his behavior, to show him that driving is dangerous and should be taken very seriously and unfortunately he didn't take that to heart and someone has passed away."

KTVU received an email from a family friend who said Nick Obenchain's organs are being donated.

A court date for McDonah has not been set.

2014-07-22 19:14:19 -0700

As Mike Krukow continues to call San Francisco Giants baseball games on TV and on the radio, he’s fighting a battle in his private life. The former major league pitcher and current Giants broadcaster is fighting a degenerative muscle disease.

He no longer stares down batters or throws the high heat, but  Krukow is still a huge part of the Giants. "He's the face of the Giants, you know? I mean, every time there's a game, he's there," says fan Terry Davis from Pacific Grove.

After a 14 year big league career with the Cubs, Phillies and Giants, the 62-year-old Krukow became a Giants color commentator in the 90s, one half of the team known as Kruk and Kuip - with Duane Kuiper. "I love listening to the games when they're announcing them. It's you know... they make the games," says fan Gloria Merino of Vacaville.

Now, this larger than life man has a debilitating muscle disease that is slowly stealing his ability to walk and properly use his hands. It's called inclusion-body myositis, and it's not fatal. But it already makes it difficult for him to walk down hill or even in crowds, because his balance is compromised.

"Speedy recovery. And go from there. Hopefully he'll be working some games in October," implores fan Israel Gadia of Yuba City.

Team spokeswoman Shana Daum told me by phone, "he's obviously a huge part of our family, and we are here to support him and his family.”

"He's going to have a huge amount of support. And that everybody's going to be thinking of him," says Travis Ervin from Walnut Creek.

"He's going to do everything that he can do to do the best with whatever he ends up with. That's the kind of guy he is," added Terry Davis.

But Krukow texted KTVU saying he has "no interest in prolonging this publicity. I know you understand". He clearly just wants to continue working in the game that's been a part of him for almost his entire life.

2014-07-22 18:19:50 -0700

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed to let voters decide whether the city should be the first in the country to levy a tax on sugary drinks.

By a 6-4 to place the soda tax proposal on the November ballot. The beverage battle is now on.

At the Fizzary, which sells 900 different types of soda in the Outer Mission District, the owner is worried about the proposed soda tax.

"We know this is going to hit everybody in the pocketbook a little harder," said Fizzary owner Taylor Peck.

Supporters held a rally outside city hall before this afternoon's vote. They say it's a health issue.

"Liquid sugar has been shown to have more complications around health such as diabetes," said pediatrician Dr. Shannon Udovic-Constant.

The proposal would levy a tax of two cents per ounce on sugary drinks, including sodas, energy drinks and some juices.

It's enough to send people other places.

City economists predict the soda tax will decrease consumption by about 30 percent.

Most of the estimated $30 million that would be generated by the tax would go to the school district's nutrition programs and to the public department for health education.

The American Beverage Association is expected to spend millions of dollars to try to defeat it.

"I'm concerned about how this ballot measures attacks some low income communities," said supervisor London Breed.

Supporters say it will be a tough campaign.

"We have a track record of being successful on taking on big, meaty and weighty public policy issues, and winning," said supervisor Malia Cohen.

For the tax measure to pass, it will take more than a simple majority. It will need to be approved by two-thirds the voters.

A soda tax measure lost in Richmond two years ago.

2014-07-22 18:02:13 -0700
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